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Default I have a question about my strength training regime

I'm new to the site, but not new to strength training. I'm no expert though. I don't workout like most people. I workout three times a week for about an hour. Most people, for example, will start the bench press do a set then rest do another set then rest and do another set and be finished with the bench press. I hate the stopping and resting, so what I do is I immediately do a different exercise after I finished a set. I have found exercise that exercise different muscles to do after each other. I start with skull crushers, then overhand curls, then barbell rows so on and so on with little rest except to write down how many reps I did and set up for the next exercise.
HERE'S MY QUESTION. The NIH recently said that a person should exercise vigorously 75 minutes a week or 150 minutes moderately a week. I watch my heart rate closely while exercising. For my age and weight I'm staying in the vigorous zone for the entire workout. What I'm not sure about is should I be counting the entire time of the workout or just the time I'm actually exercising. I spend 60 minutes working out, but probably only 20 or 30 minutes actually lifting a weight.