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Default John Williams continues to blow Mr. PV

Did you know harrassing people on the web is at least a misdeameanor, esp.
when you have the ability for due diligence (i nyour case, the legal
obligation), and your accusations are false?
Bring it on, mutha****a....
Hellowwww, Wayne County.....

And do you know just how low you are stooping just because you've gotten yer
ass kicked about 6 times in one month?
So what about the Nazi research?
What about the 1st law?? Let's talk about yer lone cite....
Protein timing?? Creatine?
Oh, Deal-a-Meal??
Christ, John Williams the Plagiarist, arguing with you is like bowling.....
jmw sets himself up, just to be knocked down, again and again, and again.

Look, if we keep argering, you're pretty much guarownteed to be right sooner
or later, if that's what yer hopin for.
If you turn out to be right, finally, will you finally STFU??
Mr. P.V.'d (formerly Droll Troll), Yonkers, NY

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"JMW" wrote in message
... that anyone in New York State who "holds himself out as being able
to practice in any profession in which a license is a prerequisite to
the practice" is guilty of a Class E felony? Hell, just the
unauthorized use the title is a Class A misdemeanor!

A sobering thought, indeed.