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Kubaton Lover wrote:
A friend of mine who placed 15th in National Bodybuilding competition in
1998 is of the opinion that one can not build size using machines especially
via circuit training.

Machines that have the motion locked into one plane use less stabilizing
muscles and there's less damage to recover from, in my experience.

Machines that have only tension on the concentric motion don't seem like
they'd work as well at hypertrophy as ones that also work on the
eccentric. Those sorts of machines are commonly found in "circuit" routines,
for example, all the Curves chains.

The other problem is that a circuit routine is more likely to be guarded
by idiots forcing you to do stupid things in stupid order with stupid
workout plans. For example, the nautilus circuit at my gym only allows
ONE set, no rest between machines, and you must go in order. But the
machines are placed in an order dictated by asthetics, not muscle
use. There are two pec machines side by side and I find it blows my pecs
to do a heavy set on the first and go to the second with no rest.

But even if I didn't care about that, I'd still get very little growth
from doing the exact same routine in the same order over and over again.

I now consider the circuits to be for maintenance only.