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"Paul Saunders" wrote in message
| ste mc wrote:
| ...(tell Paul Saunders that I never quite stuck to those New
| Year's resolutions...!)
| Neither have I... yet!

Try reading your post to me about setting goals and finding out the problems
and what causes them to be broken etc... ;-) Truly inspirational stuff, as
we can both see! :-) I find that booking a holiday normally gives suitable
motivation to get fit!

| I had that Christmas cold which lasted thoughout the whole of January,
| and a recent rare visit by relatives from Canada has forced me to
| indulge in a bit of, er, socialising, shall we say... (there's always
| something, isn't there?)

There's always something isn't there! :-S

| But I'm still optimistic, there's plenty of the year left and a new
| camera to play with, so I will be going out a lot more soon, hopefully
| (unless something else comes along to screw things up).

House hunting has meant that I've not done much, but once I find a house and
settle in, I'm hoping that I can get into the groove, especially if it's got
a garage where I can hang my punch bag and stuff.

| Paul