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Yes, I was thinking how a Yorkshireman would tell someone he was going
to Paris. Eh up love, Ah'm just of t' Pareee fer't weekend!

Only common English versions exist for very few Highland Hills....
(Cairngorm , Ben Nevis etc)

So Cairngorm (Engligh pronounciation) is OK but anything elseGorm
should be said with a Scots dialect?

Going back to the French analogy, even cities which don't have English
equivalents (and I think only Paris and Dunkirk do) will be pronounced
differently in a French accent. We say Mont-Pell-Ear but they say
Mon-Pur-Li'ay (and we both write Montpellier) and we still understand
each other!

Actually, I'd say Mon-Pur-Li'ay too - but them I'm from Edinburgh and grew
up near Montpellier Park and we always pronounced it the French way. Must be
all that Franco-Scottish crossover stuff. Like Petty France (actually Petit
France) where the new Infirmary is.