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Bernard Hill
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In article . com, Chris
Gilbert writes

Sandy Birrell wrote:

Somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind I remember an interview

Sorley Maclean, the Gaelic poet, and in it he was asked how various

names should be pronounced, Liathach was one of them. If I remember

right he
said it depended on where the gaelic speaker came from but the

pronounciation and that used by the locals was Lia Gach, the 'g'

being a
sort of stop of the tounge on the back of the pallet like a soft 'c'

as in

Sorley was the standard reference for pronunciation on The Munro Show,
which is where you probably saw it. He did indeed say it should be
pronounced as you say but he also said that it was something of an


Speaking of the Munro show, were there ever more than 2 videos of that?
I'd love to have seen more.

Bernard Hill
Selkirk, Scotland