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Mike Mason
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Default OS map 5m contours

"Mike Mason" wrote in message
Just been setting up a walk near New Radnor for tomorrow and noticed that
in the area contour lines seem to be in 5 metre intervals rather than 10
metre intervals. I've never seen this before on an OS map. Does anyone
know of other areas where the contours are mapped at 5 metre intervals and
is there any particular reason for this.

Mike Mason

Thanks for the input. I think I'll email OS and ask the question. If I get
anything I will post here.

The walk was really quite good. The views down into Harley Dingle and the
range quite excellent. Saw no one about other than a guy on Black Mixen but
he was involved in the radio mast there. Pity there's not more of the walk
but what there was was good.