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I am 61 and in reasonbly good condition - trying to improve through
regular exercise with my dr's concurrence.

In addition to regular workouts on my Total Gym I spend 45 minutes
daily on my elliptical trainer (Precor EFX) using variable resistance
and pedaling backwards about half the time.

I have been following this regimen faithfully for 6 months, yet I see
no evidence of improved leg function. When I walk my legs feel stiff
and sore, and I seem to have no more stamina now than I did 6 months
ago. I tire just as easily and become short of breath just as quickly
as before.

Can anybody suggest why I don't seem to be seeing signs of improvement?

The thing with leg muscles is the vast variety of movements that they do. The elliptical is just one range of movement. I suggest that you vary leg exercises. And also focus on improving flexibility to improve range of motion. That will also improve leg function.

As for stamina...a few things come to mind;
-it could be that you gained some fitness in the initial stages but then you plateaued. To overcome this, you could find a more intense source of cardio, or you could apply some kind of interval training approach on it
-the other thing that comes to mind is...are you increasing the resistance thinking it will provide more cardio workout? To get the heart pumping at a descent rate, faster movements are generally better than slow. You could try to simply reduce the resistance to increase the pace of movement

Hope that helps, let me know how things go.