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i am 47 and in general good health. currently experiencing dreaded menopause . the thing is i have accumulated body fat around my stomach/inner thighs/upper arms/legs overall and got "love handles" which ive never had. ive tried interval running to burn fat which only resulted in nice big calves. so then ive got the amy dixon HITT interval dvd which is brill, works u so hard, but still no fat loss i have quite a good diet and dring at least 2 litres of water a day and am at the end of my tether. ive had all the tests ie thyroid etc and just cant shift it. its my legs which are quite fat and loads of cellulite they bother me the most. if i had been doing the exercises i have tried say, 2 yr ago i would have seen results definitely. i just cant understand how i can work so very hard and get no results. i even take acai berry to try speed up my metabolism because that supposidly slows as yer older. has anybody got any good advise please getting desperate thanxs
Hi Susi -

When you say you have "quite a good diet" what does that mean exactly. My wife is 43 years old and recently lost 50 pounds by simply cleaning up her diet and getting rid of the bad carbs. She really watches her sugars and starches and tries to eat lean meats such as chicken and fish with vegetables. Its been about 5 months but she has progressed well.