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Originally Posted by Prisoner at War View Post
On Dec 23, 6:35 am, dorsy1943 wrote:

In his book, Nathan Pritikin answers that question and says it is not
the protein, but the fat which makes people taller and heavier. But
he says it is a trade off and you endanger your health with more fat.
I do not know if he is right. Just commenting on what I read.


I can certainly agree with "heavier," and I'm sure fat has some role
in height as well.

Speaking of books, have you read Gary Taubes latest controversial
bestseller? He claims fat and calories aren't to blame for obesity
and disease -- neither a sedentary lifestyle! -- but carbs, carbs,

Damn, this **** keeps swinging back and forth....
I am not agree with this fat and calories play a significant role in our weight and fitness , proper intake of protein and calories help us to remain fit and smart.However carbs play his own role .

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