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Default Nausea after walking

On Thu, 30 Apr 2015 01:06:00 +0200, Matty77

I'm overweight and need to lose weight. I feel sick regularly but for
the last 6 weeks I've been walking daily. I normally do 10-15 minuted
normal walking speed.

Did the walk tonight and near the end I felt sick as a dog and thought I
was going to puke. This can't be normal. Dr says it's anxiety but
that's pony. I go for a gentle walk and 10 minutes later I'm in the
kitchen out of breath (sometines) and feeling sick as a dog. It really
makes me not want to do it

Any advice. It can't be normal feeling sick after 10 minute stroll

If it really is anxiety, it's going to be self-aggravating. I can't
think of anything that would make me more anxious than knowing that
ten minutes from now I'm going to want to throw up.

My first thought would be to gather data for the doctor: engage in
activities that resemble a ten-minute walk in various ways, and keep a
record of the results, and also record the times of spontaneous
episodes and what you had been doing.

Examples: sitting outdoors for exactly ten minutes. Walking for five
minutes. Working in the kitchen or at some other stand-up job for ten
minutes. Riding a bicycle for ten minutes. Walking with a book from
bench to bench so that it takes you half an hour to walk ten minutes.

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