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Default November Issue of Dolfzine on Line

Dear Friends:
Rosemary Vernon leads out the November issue of Dolfzine, now on line,
with a review of Pavel Tsatsouline's Power to the People and then
gives her personal take on how to adjust routines that seem, at first
glance, too hard and to a gifted few – too easy.

It is clearly winter and what better time to present an article about
training in the cold. You haven’t really experienced training unless
you’ve trained without heat says, Danny M. O'Dell, a new contributor.
“But you better be careful and do it right.”

Will Brink is back with a Unified System of Nutrition and Vince
McConnell, our Fitness and Science editor, reviews Body Flow, a book
by Scott Sonnon. Sonnon also presents his three dimensional balance
program which he says is all you will ever need for coordination work.
Wait until you see the “super elite” athlete routine. Wow!

Shelly Sinton takes a Wok on the Wild side. Do you know which oils
are the best to stir-fry with and why you should not multi-task once
you begin stir-frying? These and other secrets of the universe are
covered in this highly “controversial” article.

Speaking of Secrets, Dave Draper, who always said “the secret is there
is no secret,” now admits he lied and reveals the true secrets of
bodybuilding. Tim Wescott, N.P.C. National Level Bodybuilder and
winner of 46 bodybuilding titles, presents his version of the “muscle
confusion technique” along with a two-week routine. Courtenay
Schurman explains why it is better to care for your hamstrings before
you have an accident, and presents a series of exercises for both
prevention and treatment. And if you want to see muscles, take a look
at The Baldwin Hills Classic#14 reviewed by our youngest columnist

Researchers have finally acknowledged what Native American medicine
men have known for centuries. Indigenous plants of the Southwest
offer more effective treatment for diabetes than pharmaceuticals. In
the Native American populations of the Southwest, where diabetes is
running rampant, leaders are working to wean their tribes from the
processed food that is seen as the cause for the present diabetes

New to Dolfine® is equipment expert Brian Bumpers who gives us some
points on buying and not buying equipment on the Net. Ken O’ Neill
begins a series on building a home gym that will take away the
guesswork and set you on an exciting journey. For some, a home gym is
a dream come true.

Vince McConnell continues to lead you through the Muscle Matrix in
this issue,and unlike Keanu Reeves, who develops unexplainable magical
powers, Vince reveals true magic in Precision Recovery. Todd Reinhard
interviews bodybuilder/trainer Jeremy Likness in a surprisingly
revealing article. Chad Boykin continues his Kickboxing series with
The Body Punch and then continues with an article on Interval
Training. Jim Ganley looks at circuit training; Ray Brennan at self
defense and Phil Elmore at Ray Brennan (actually Hikuta).

Please check it out Set aside some time. There's a
lot to read.