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Bob Cardone wrote:

(Rich Y) wrote:

I was hoping to get some advice on the Total Gym Xli from people who
have had experiences using this machine. I would describe myself as
being in moderate shape, using my local gym more for aerobic workouts
(tredmill, crosstrainer etc) a couple of times a week and using
machine weights once a week. As I'm frequently quite busy, I was
looking to use the Total Gym for those in-between days when I can't
get to the gym, to help supplement my quest to achieve muscle
definition and tone.
Here in the UK, the only Total Gym model available is the Xli,
advertised on TV. Does anyone know if this is the same as the 1500
model available in the States? Is this just a pile of junk or a
reasonable piece of equipment? I am always quite skeptical of products
advertised on TV. I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.


This info should help


Actually, these sites were VERY interesting--and quite
perplexing. I still have yet to grok the mentality of the American
Pubic(tm), apparently.
The first site gives the Total Gym 4/5 stars. But, it also
gives the Gazelle 4/5 stars!!! The last site reviews almost EVERYTHING
favorably, with a couple of interesting exceptions: The Ab Doer, and
Pentabosol, the ******* brain child of the Eades, MDs, who ruin every
concept on which they choose to write. *One* brave soul called the
Gazelle pure junk--the rest loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GOOD GAWD........ Cardone's gots lotsa company!!!!!

Funny-- only one review of the Gyrotonic--****ed cuz Gyro
refused to deliver it!!
No reviews of Basedow's Fitness made Simple! But about half
the people *loved* Greer Childer's UTTERLY useless Oxycising--the other
recognized it for what it is--hot air.

All's I can say is, when Penn & Teller fed people water out of
a garden hose to unwitting--or witless--restaurant patrons at $7/GLASS
(!!), they SWORE it was the best goddammed water on erf.
One does not ever have to sit in or on a Total Gym, Bowflex, or
Gazelle to know that they are *fundamentally* hobbled--some to the point
of near-total uselessness, some mildly useful.
But all highly misrepresented. With Total Gym now stooping to
the level of having gymnast Kurt Thomas do fake Iron Crosses.
And harmful, to the extent that if the *real deal* were
properly presented and properly understood, consumers have a much better
shot at true fitness, or at least practical fitness. Even these
concepts, true/practical fitness, are not obvious.
Is the Total Gym "good"? Yeah, for military presses and
kneebends, and as an overall fitness stop-gap. Worth the money? Maybe,
depending on if a stop-gap is really all you want.
Kristofer Hogg, ms, rd
HoloBarre Rehab/Fitness/Stretching Systems, Yonkers, NY
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