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Originally Posted by Screachy Preachy View Post
John wrote:

From: Screachy Preachy

Is the Total Gym "good"? Yeah, for military presses and
kneebends, and as an overall fitness stop-gap. Worth the money? Maybe,
depending on if a stop-gap is really all you want.

Knee bends even suck unless you either add a lot of weight (depends on which
model and max. weight capacity) or do single leg presses. If you have the low
end model with the "butterfly attachment" as the foot platform, simply push the
foot end of the unit close to a wall and put your feet on the wall for the
press. Allows for better foot placement and you're not balanced on some bar.
On your posterior side, I find it does an ok row and a decent posterior delt.
work. The military, as Kristofer said is adequate. On the anterior, it pretty
much sucks. Biceps, maybe anterior delt. , but pecs and abs are pathetic.
One "built in" problem is that as your body slides up the ramp, the point of
resistance (pulleys) change in realationship.

No, I don't care for them, I've just been forced to train clients who had them.


Finally, a voice of reason!

In addition, the line of action of the cable for the "proper"
execution of a variety of exercises is considerably far off.
For example, in doing a bench press sitting up (which I gather is
pretty much the only way to do it on a TG), you have a significant
component of the force *downward*, perpendicular to the arms. Now TG,
Bowflex, and all these other """experts""" rationalize this by saying,
Oh, oh, now you gotta use yer stabilizer muscles--dats why blah blah is
so much *better*!
Balls. What these errant component forces are doing is just
making you unproductively *strain* to do a simple goddammed bench press.
Furthermore, a pushup is very nearly 2/3 of one's body weight in
terms of bench pressing. That right there exceeds what a TG can
provide. So not only are many of the exercises poorly constructed, many
are simply superfluous.
But, it is a source of resistance, which is more than a lot of
junk out there provides. For people who don't know any better, it might
serve a purpose.
Kristofer Hogg, ms, rd
HoloBarre Rehab/Fitness/Stretching Systems, Yonkers, NY
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