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Bart Mathias
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On Thu, 15 Oct 2015 10:41:25 -0700 (PDT)
Ed Prochak wrote:

Subtitle: A run around Diamond Head

Recently I took a vacation to Hawaii. While in Honolulu, I met up with Bart and we went for a little "fun run".


Well after enjoying the sights and taking some pictures, we headed back down. I needed to get back to the hotel before checkout time. So we took what we thought would be the shorter route back which took use to Diamond Head Road on the coast side. Going down was faster of course, but the coastal road was mainly flat, I I have to admit, I was slowing Bart down. You are a running monster Bart.

I should have realized we had only run maybe a mile and a half of the 4 mile loop around Le`ahi AKA Kaimana Hila AKA Diamond Head when we headed in to the crater, but my brain seems to be getting old.

Back to the car and back to the hotel in time for a shower before checkout.

running time: 2 hour 23 minutes (including stops for pictures and site seeing)
Distance: 12.1 km (~7.5 mile)

It was a great workout. I will always be grateful to you Bart for that run. It was my longest run in quite a while and I enjoyed it, even though it left me exhausted.

But then that is the way I want to feel after a run. Happy and exhausted.

Thanks again Bart.

You're absolutely welcome, Ed. It was a delight to meet and run with you. That was my longest run in quite a while as well, and it quite amazed me. I usually jog about 50 steps then have to walk a dozen or so, then repeat for maybe an hour and a half on Sunday. I guess it helps to have someone to run with.

Bart Mathias