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Default Fat loss through weight lifting and no cardio possible?

"Curt James" wrote in message
Robert Schuh wrote:

snip (the book's avilable at Wal-Mart for $10.88)
and/or any of the Clarence Bass - - books as
mentioned by Schuh. Bass' diet resembles Zinczenko's recommendations to
a large degree, btw.

My Walmart did not have it, Amazon did it was $10.85.


It is easily possible to lose fat and not do cardio. After my freshman

in college, I got to be the fattest I have ever been in my life. I was
wearing 33" Levi's and felt like ass. I worked out in high school and
competed in 2 teen bodybuilding shows in high school, but eating all

fattening dorm food put the weight around my belly etc. I remember

that Bo Derek Tarzan movie and seeing that guy Miles O'Keefe and

thinking I
wanted to get ripped like that. I went from 190 down to 150 and 4.5%

fat from just weight training and dieting in 6 months. I was just 21,

you can still do it at any age. I was reading those RIPPED books by
Clarence Bass and was an absolute lunatic with my diet. I NEVER cheated.

guess I did small amounts of cardio as I would always take stairs

of elevators etc., but I never spent time running or any other standard
cardio stuff. I initially thought that is where I wanted to stay, but at
that point I started to increase my calories with all clean foods and

from 150 to 170 in 8 weeks and stayed at the same body fat %. At that
point, I tried my first cycle of Steroids. It was VERY mild, 200 mg/week

Deca and 10 Anavar/day. I went from 170 to 190 in weeks. I added a bit

fat as I now was hooked line and sinker into getting bigger for
bodybuilding. To this day I still tell people who want to get into shape

get down as lean as they can and then start to add calories to come back

with muscle. It takes dedication in the gym, but still, diet is about

of the battle. Good luck on your endeavor.


Holy crap! A positive and informative post by one Robert Schuh.
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Robert Schuh