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Default Looking for recommendations for a Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Just buy a Garmin GPS and it comes with a heart monitor they are fine and
you know how far you ran. A long time runner should be able to tell there
running pace with in seconds per mile.

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On Monday, January 25, 2016 at 1:06:11 PM UTC-5, Beach Runner wrote:
Over the years I have bought a lot of heart rate monitor watches.

However, few of them actually worked.

But that wasn't the greatest problem. I was a systems engineer,
considered and yet I couldn't figure out how to set up most of the
watches, even with directions.

And, even if I did manage to find out how to set the time, when daylight
savings came or I took a trip I couldn't figure out how to change the

I had one watch that worked great for years. I was able to figure it out
and it was logical and easy to set the time. And, the heart rate monitor
worked great. It was Sports Instrument, it was so good I had two of
lost one, the other died.

They no longer make it.

I also had an inexpensive Reebok for years that didn't require a strap
that worked well, the strap kept breaking and it wasn't replaceable

I don't need nor want anything fancy.

All I want is the time and my heart rate. My Iphone App, Map My Run
does a great job at all the other information.

I did have an under armor heart rate strap that integrates with the app,
but it just ate the battery down incredibly quickly, I couldn't go on a
5 mile run and have any battery left.

So, I'm looking for a recommendation. Ideally, I'd love an analog
watch with a heart rate monitor. Those I can set.

No one has a watch they love and can recommend?