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Nick Maclaren[_3_]
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Default 20 years ?

In article ,
Terry Pinnell wrote:
Chris Gilbert wrote:

Are we there yet ? I think so.

Long live u.r.w, irrespective of the protocol used to contribute
to it,

Eee, I feel old. Still climbing hills, mind

Roll call.... ?

Not sure when I first posted here but the oldest in my files was
nearly 14 years ago (July 2001), enthusiastically endorsing the use of

God alone knows! I first used Usenet in 1979 (before the Internet),
but the UK domains weren't set up then, and I wasn't one of the first
on uk.rec.walking.

I am getting a bit stiff, but am retiring this year, and am heading
up to the Highlands with an (ugh) 23+ Kg pack for 6 nights away from
everybody and everything (if I can manage it). I may not be able to
do that for many more years.

And, while my wife gave me a Garmin, I don't find it very useful,
being a map and compass person :-)

Nick Maclaren.