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Default Swim Slower and Burn More Calories

"4precious" wrote in message
Companies seem to be forever marketing stuff with catchy slogans that
can't possibly be true. Like how you can get slim doing very modest
exercise for a few minutes three times a week.

But the title of this post IS true!

This is all old ground for the user group, but I still found it

Given all the interest lately in kick times, swim ratios to kick
ratios, etc. I resolved to start using a 6-beat kick for all my
swimming. It's not the first time I've made that vow. I figured I
would start by simply using 6 tiny kicks, and as I got better
conditioned, I would start emphasizing every third beat with a bigger
downbeat where the power kicks are in a typical 2-beat kick. (If you
look at Donald Graft's video site you can see Diana Munz using that
pattern.) And if I ever got into really good shape, I would be
nailing all 6.

So what happened. Well, I embarked on the latest kick adventure on
the distance day. When you're swimming 6 500's in a row, that's not
an easy day to start kicking a lot more.

So of course I was probably 10-20% slower than usual. Maybe it's due
to my lack of fitness kicking, or not having the balance down. As
Larry has pointed out, conventional swim doctrine these days says that
lactate produced by the arms can be burned by the legs. So I kept
telling myself to keep that "lactate burning factory" below the belt
going even when my legs started feeling like lead. So I started off
leading a lane of 3 or 4 swimmers, the guy behind would "tickle my
toes" somewhere in the set, so I'd realize I was holding him up and
let him through. Of course by the end I was dead-last in the lane and
suffering like a dog. I then looked over at lane 1, where there are
men and women who swim on the University team going up and down the
pool, and none of them have a 6-beat.

I eat nearly the same thing everyday, but my stomach was growling like
crazy after so much kicking. Empirical proof to me that all the
studies indicating that losing weight running is a great idea, while
trying to lose weight swimming can be a tough proposition.

So I figure the only way to start kicking is drop down one lane or two
in speed in the pool, swim for at least 6 weeks, and then see if it's
worth continuing with that style. But would 6 weeks even make much of
a difference? Elite swimmers have literally a decade of kickboard
history in their legs.

But for now I think I'll back to swimming the way a lot of rec
swimmers do - deep, straight armed catch on both sides to maintain
momentum, and very little kicking.

If anyone has success morphing into a kicker, I'd like to hear how
they did it.


I kick a lot, those big muscles burn a LOT of calories.
Especially with my zoomers on.
Swimming is not arms only kind of a sport.

My kick is not very propulsive yet, but I'm noticing that changing too.
Right now, when I'm kicking, even if it doesn't move me forward a whole lot,
I'm thinking, "burn baby burn" (calories)... with that "disco inferno" song
in my head for pace.

I lost close to 15 pounds in 8 weeks of swimming.
If you do it right, swimming burns about 30-40% more calories than running.
If you leave your legs out, you're probably cutting out good 60-70% of the
calories you could be burning during a swim. Just think, the bigger the
muscle mass that you're making move, the more calories get burned.

I hear that most runners have trouble adapting to swimming. At least that's
what several of my triathlete friends tell me.

I can swim a mile or two, quite easily, I cant run a mile. hell, I can't
even run 1/4 of a mile without my cardio seizing and my pulse going up over
My cardio has a long way to go. Fast kicking and swimming sprints exercises
are working on my cardio.