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Default Swim Slower and Burn More Calories

4precious wrote:

But for now I think I'll back to swimming the way a lot of rec
swimmers do - deep, straight armed catch on both sides to maintain
momentum, and very little kicking.

If anyone has success morphing into a kicker, I'd like to hear how
they did it.


While I wouldn't say I've morphed into a kicker, my kicking has improved
a lot through practicing by doing kicking-only drills on my back.
According to the college swimmer who coaches/tutors me, most people on
their stomach only use half the kick, kicking on your back makes you
kick up and down on every kick.

I enjoy kicking-only drills a lot more than stroke-only drills.

My kicking drills make up 20% of my practice, but I'm not swimming long
distances yet.

Since I have weird, short, curvy feet, if I can improve my kicking,
anyone can.