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Default Swim Slower and Burn More Calories

"Madelaine" wrote in message
4precious wrote:

But for now I think I'll back to swimming the way a lot of rec
swimmers do - deep, straight armed catch on both sides to maintain
momentum, and very little kicking.

If anyone has success morphing into a kicker, I'd like to hear how
they did it.


While I wouldn't say I've morphed into a kicker, my kicking has improved
a lot through practicing by doing kicking-only drills on my back.

I love those. At the moment, I feel a lot more balanced and coordinated
doing the backstroke, rather than freestyle.
Maybe that will turn out to be my specialty.

According to the college swimmer who coaches/tutors me, most people on
their stomach only use half the kick, kicking on your back makes you
kick up and down on every kick.

Thinking about how my kick works, I have to agree with that.
I like verticals too.
Sometimes in betweeen sets I do a 10-15 second vertical kick, just to remind
muself of the form. I tend to forget I have abs.

I enjoy kicking-only drills a lot more than stroke-only drills.

Same here

My kicking drills make up 20% of my practice, but I'm not swimming long
distances yet.

Since I have weird, short, curvy feet, if I can improve my kicking,
anyone can.

Glad to hear that! I'm 5' 9" tall and have only size 7 feet with not so
flexible (yet) ankles.
I'm hoping there's hope!

Actually, I noticed my ankle flexibility improving in last 2-3 weeks.