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Default Swim Slower and Burn More Calories

In article P%[email protected],
"DaKitty" wrote:

I kick a lot, those big muscles burn a LOT of calories.
Especially with my zoomers on.
Swimming is not arms only kind of a sport.

Usually I just do some freestyle, but my physio has told me to do some
backstroke. I was totally rubbish to start with, but I am starting to
get better now. I find that I use my legs a lot more in backstroke. It
really takes it out of me. As a result, I find I use my legs a lot more
in freestyle now.

As for the title of this message thread, I was reading on a website the
other day (I'll try to find the link now) an article which stated the
following (as best as can be remembered).

While it is true saying that exercising slower burns a higher percentage
of fat, the total amount of energy being used is lower as well. If you
exercise as hard as you can, while the percentage of fat being burned
drops, you are using more energy overall. The net result is that you end
up burning more fat excercising harder.


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