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Originally Posted by jas View Post
I want see what people think about this program I have been issued by
my personal trainer as I always seek other opinions, building some
knowledge from different sources. I am not saying this program is
wrong or not but "seems" to me it doesn't concerntrate on what I want.
I have made it clear what I want from him.

Sets required: 2
Lat pulldown- reps 10, weight 6
Chest Press- reps 10, weight 3
Seated row- reps 10, weight 3
Leg sled- reps 12, weight 9
Shoulder press- reps 10, weight 1
Fit ball situps- reps 15.
Tredmill 30min.

I am more concerned about the waistline and belly only. I will
eventually get an atheletic torso/flat stomach is what i want most.

I'm a small person and fairly slim though I requested to be reasonable
fit from the knees up to the shoulders without bulkiness specifically.
I'm definitely not overweight, just to slim down.

Any improvements on this in general or other things we ought to
consider? Swimming, jogging, ball sports

Nice I am working on calculating my nutrition too. My main purpose is to gain weight but it is too hard to increase the daily calories.
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