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Default Lower back pain & squatting

A few years back, I hurt my back while squatting. I often don't have much
time to workout so probably skipped the warm-up reps like an idiot. I was
lifting heavy and maybe didn't keep my stomach tight and felt a little pain.
I stopped and my lower back hurt whenever I bent at the waist (like when I
try to touch toes) for months. It eventually went away.

Cut to present day. In another retarded moment, I went heavy on the squat
without warm-up. Was doing a set of 6 near my max and lost form on the 5th
or so and felt some pain in my back. Sure enough, I reinjured my back and it
has been hurting for the last two months or so.

I've not been working the squat or any lower back/compound leg exercise
since. Once the pain seems to get better, I'll go over and squat the bar for
20 reps to give it a stretch and feel it out. But the pain keeps coming back
whenever I do something with my lower back without warm-up (even picking up
something in the morning).

Anyway, I'm hoping the some of you have a suggestion on something I can do
to heal and then strengthen this back problem. Obviously I need to make sure
my squat form is 100%. But is there anything that I can do to help the back
heal faster? I do unweighted back-bends which help stretch it out. I'll also
do a series of back stretches before I do any workout. This helps by
relaxing my back but hasn't seemed to make it any better.