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Default Lower back pain & squatting

"DH" wrote in message
A few years back, I hurt my back while squatting. I often don't have

time to workout so probably skipped the warm-up reps like an idiot. I

lifting heavy and maybe didn't keep my stomach tight and felt a little

I stopped and my lower back hurt whenever I bent at the waist (like

when I
try to touch toes) for months. It eventually went away.

Cut to present day. In another retarded moment, I went heavy on the

without warm-up. Was doing a set of 6 near my max and lost form on the

or so and felt some pain in my back. Sure enough, I reinjured my back

and it
has been hurting for the last two months or so.

I've not been working the squat or any lower back/compound leg

since. Once the pain seems to get better, I'll go over and squat the

bar for
20 reps to give it a stretch and feel it out. But the pain keeps

coming back
whenever I do something with my lower back without warm-up (even

picking up
something in the morning).

Anyway, I'm hoping the some of you have a suggestion on something I

can do
to heal and then strengthen this back problem. Obviously I need to

make sure
my squat form is 100%. But is there anything that I can do to help the

heal faster? I do unweighted back-bends which help stretch it out.

I'll also
do a series of back stretches before I do any workout. This helps by
relaxing my back but hasn't seemed to make it any better.


You might try Good Mornings, going only as far as you can go while
keeping your back tight, and starting with no weight at all, not even an
empty bar. Great way to learn to feel when your back is tight and when
it's not. I'm a much better deadlifter than I am a squatter (which
isn't saying a whole lot, anyway), so I'm biased, but I find it much
easier to keep track of the tightness of my abs and lower back when I'm
deadlifting than when I'm squatting.

You make a very good point about stretches, by the way - they'll make
you feel better but they won't solve the problem for most people.
You've got to strengthen your lower back and learn to keep it and your
belly tight. And definitely add ab work to your program if you haven't
already, but I would always save it for last so you can use your abs as
needed during deadlifts and squats. More info about me, my back
problems, and my lifting on the site in my sig below.