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Default Lower back pain & squatting

"DH" wrote in message
A few years back, I hurt my back while squatting. I often don't have much
time to workout so probably skipped the warm-up reps like an idiot. I was
lifting heavy and maybe didn't keep my stomach tight and felt a little

I stopped and my lower back hurt whenever I bent at the waist (like when I
try to touch toes) for months. It eventually went away.

Cut to present day. In another retarded moment, I went heavy on the squat
without warm-up. Was doing a set of 6 near my max and lost form on the 5th
or so and felt some pain in my back. Sure enough, I reinjured my back and

has been hurting for the last two months or so.

I've not been working the squat or any lower back/compound leg exercise
since. Once the pain seems to get better, I'll go over and squat the bar

20 reps to give it a stretch and feel it out. But the pain keeps coming

whenever I do something with my lower back without warm-up (even picking

something in the morning).

Anyway, I'm hoping the some of you have a suggestion on something I can do
to heal and then strengthen this back problem. Obviously I need to make

my squat form is 100%. But is there anything that I can do to help the

heal faster? I do unweighted back-bends which help stretch it out. I'll

do a series of back stretches before I do any workout. This helps by
relaxing my back but hasn't seemed to make it any better.


Dude. Been there, done that. Many times. I once blew out my back putting
on my socks!

1. Warm up before squats is critical. Stretch. Get on your stomach and
stretch your lower back till you can raise yourself totally on your hands.
Then, get in a fetal position and stretch. Repeat above. You should feel
your spinea erectors (sp?) bigtime. Don't forget to stretch your hams,
groin, quads, etc... you need them all in a squat.

2. You're probably in too deep. Start with light weights. Add 5-10 lbs a
workout or two. It'll only take a few weeks before you're in heavy and
feeling it.

3. Stiff legged deads are great for the erectors. The more you curve your
back in the lift the more you'll work it. Learn to do them. But don't go
overboard again.

4. Weak abs can also contribute to lower back pain. Work 'em. A good,
easy way to work the lower abs is sucking in your belly button to your spine
as you walk. Try it.

I'm sure there's more, but it's late and I'm tired. Good luck.