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Default Lower back pain & squatting

DH wrote:
A few years back, I hurt my back while squatting. I often don't have
much time to workout so probably skipped the warm-up reps like an
idiot. I was lifting heavy and maybe didn't keep my stomach tight and
felt a little pain. I stopped and my lower back hurt whenever I bent
at the waist (like when I try to touch toes) for months. It
eventually went away.

Cut to present day. In another retarded moment, I went heavy on the
squat without warm-up. Was doing a set of 6 near my max and lost form
on the 5th or so and felt some pain in my back. Sure enough, I
reinjured my back and it has been hurting for the last two months or


I see more people curl under at the bottom of a squat, exposing their back
to injury.
I have suffered back pain on and off for the better part of my life. The
best my back has felt is when I deadlift often. If I take off deadlifting
for whatever reason, the start of the symptoms return. That is, if I stand
in one place too long I ache, etc.
I suggest slow consistant loading via deadlift. This is to say, with the
appropriate amount of warm up. start with a silly low weight according to
your perceived capabilities. progress slowly. slower than you think. When
I started, I started with 135. WAAAAAAAAAAAY underneath what I thought I
could do. As your body adapts and learns to lift, your back will accustomed
to bearing the weight. When I learned how to deadlift without using any
lumbar movement, the progress really took off. This will carry over into
real life nicely. When you learn to lift without using lumbar spine motion,
you will be able to toy with weights that were previously difficult because
of a "weak back"
Another addition is the single leg knee raise on a foam roller. easy to do.
Lie on kiddie pool noodle floatie, flattening the back against the roller
placed along the spine. Both feet flat on floor, so yes the knees are bent.
Perform reps on side at a time. This one has really helped me. every morni
Dr. Marjorie King has had tremendous success with this.

Another exercise I added is body weight squats. Weight heavy on the heels
deep descent, butt to ankles. maintain weight on heels throught depth. I
use a railing to lean back as much as necessary. started with 20, now up to
200. I froze the reps there.

You may always have a vulnerable back. prepare and prevent. Good luck.