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Phil Cook
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On 14 Dec 2004 16:41:20 -0800, BeauGeste wrote:

1. Ignore Ralph Storer! Before I became a munro-bagger I followed his
routes and climbed the middle 2 peaks of the South Shiel Ridge. Middle
two? What use was that!! Any decent guide would have told you to get
off your bum and do the whole ridge, 7 munros and all. Which I did
several years later, feeling aggrieved that I was having to repeat a
couple because of Ralph Storer.

Fine. But Storer never said his book was intended for Munro Baggers
did he? No, just the best 100 routes on Scottish Mountains. He's a bit
over-keen on steep (do I someone say precipitous?) grass slopes for
descent but that book is one of the best of it's kind.

2. I hate the use of the word 'kewl'! Please bring back flogging for
all who should know better...

3. Finally, more to the point, I just try and pronounce the Scottish
hills in English. So when I've taken a pic on my digital I press the
record button and say 'This is me at the top of 'Sgoor Fuooar Fuill'
(Sgurr Fhuar-thuill). Totally mispronounced, of course, but what the
hell, eh. As long as it means something to you.

Why not just call the hills by the translation of their name into
English? Sgurr Fuar-Thuill becomes peak of the cold hollow, simple.

It is said that more than 50% of baggers don't even know which hill
they are on.
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