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Default update Glue or Sealant for Soles of Boots and Shoes update

Have now found a really good adhesive that does the trick after a couple
of coats.
Its from Wilko. a toothpaste sized tube for £1.50 with a screw cap that
effectively stops it drying up.
Am using thin rubber soles bought on line then cut up, to stick on the
heel corners.

On 5/24/2016 1:37 PM, john west wrote:

It seems to me durability of soles and heels for Shoes and Boots these
days just gets less and less.

A while ago when the Woolworths shops were in business I could get
rubber corners to stick on to the heels, which preserved the life span

I have recently bought a rubbery glue specially made for soles and
heels, but this also does not wear at all well. Annoyingly the contents
of the tube dry solid quickly despite me wrapping the tube in aluminum
cooking foil to keep the air out.

On the internet i can see some very expensive adhesives, but how well
they would perform in terms of wear and tear on shoes is anyone's guess.

Has anyone any suggestions on might be out there in the market place.
There seem so many products available like the 'Sealants' that come in
sealant guns. Some of these might just be suitable does anyone have any
ideas please?