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Default Does weight lifting or cardio exercises speed weight loss?

"jimmy_boi" wrote in message
Also, if you strength train the right way. You'll be getting cardio
(burning fat) and working your abs at the same time.

You can learn more strength training tips here

I remember years ago they put a heart rate monitor on Dr Squat (Fred
Hatfield) during his squat workout. His heart rate went through the roof
during his set, it never settled back to normal during his 5 minute rest
before his next set. After 5 sets of squats he had an average heart rate of
80% over around a half an hour period.
I know when I first get on a cardio machine after my workout my heart rate
is generally 126. Being 52 years old that puts my heart rate at 75% of
maximum. It's a pretty safe bet it was in that range throughout most of my
I still believe in slow steady arobic training for fat burning. Though I am
open to reading any research anyone is willing to point me to that would
convince me otherwise. As an ex bicycle racer I am convinced that interval
training is the best way there is to increase fitness level. However I don't
know how it is as far as fat burning.