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Default Bulls in fields

On 13/07/2003 17:34, Five Cats wrote:
In article , Gordon
Five Cats wrote

It is also far from unknown for them to put rings in the nose of a cow
or two, just to scare the punters!

Seen that too in the Dales. The thing was staring at us, and held us up
for a few minutes until my companion said "It's got tits"!

M***** again? ;-)

But seriously, cows with calves can be *very* dangerous especially if
there is a dog about.

I had a less than pleasant encounter with a herd of cows on a guided
walk. We were crossing a field and there were about 20 cows in the
corner of the field. Sods law dictated that this was the corner where
the footpath led to exit the field. Initially the cows just looked at
us, but then became increasingly agitated. They had calves, and one of
the group had a dog, so I'm guessing that set them off charging towards
us. Half of us ran back the way we had come, half of us headed in a
perpendicular direction (thankfully downhill), the cows did likewise. We
just got to a gate in time and into the next field before the cows
reached the gate and could go not further. They were making a right
noise. After someone managed to contact the group leader and found out
where everyone else was, I worked out where we were on my OS map, where
the rest of the group were, and led us off-piste through a woodland
alongside a stream which brought us onto a country lane where the rest
of the group were.