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Peter Webb
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Default Treadmill headrush?

No, its a perception / optical illusion thingie.

Have a go at:

This is a similar thing - your eye/brain compensates/adapts for the
movement, and when the movement stops the compensation makes stationary
things appear to be moving in the opposite direction.

"Help Me" wrote in message
"Peter Webb" wrote:
"Help Me" wrote:
I used a treadmill today for the first time.
When I was done and walked off the treadmill,
I felt a "headrush" -- a disorienting feeling.

Absolutely normal.

Enjoy the feeling, it only happens the first few
times you use the treadmill.

Why does this happen? Note that I am not new to
aerobic exercise or walking.

What is it about a treadmill that is different
than natural walking (at the same speed) that the
body needs to adjust to? Is walking on a treadmill
mechanically different from natural walking?