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Default Wetsuit T1 process

On 2004-02-23, levelx wrote:
Please pardon the redundancy of this topic, but I wan unable to figure
out a way to keyword search the archives on this one (I am beginning
my 2nd season of multisport and am in the process of some

Last season I had no need for a wetsuit (because of the time of
year/water temp.), but bought a skin suit instead.

What is the process for changing during the 1st transition; do I wear
the skinsuit underneath? Bike shorts underneath? Changing?

Since this is my second year I am Totally psyched to get out there
again, but am not going to attempt to break any time records yet
(maybe year 4 or 5...), so any tips you all may have concerning
transition 1 process would be greatly appreciated.

Yes. Wearing your skin suit underneath is what most folks do.

- chris