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Default Wetsuit T1 process

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On 2004-02-23, levelx wrote:
Please pardon the redundancy of this topic, but I wan unable to figure
out a way to keyword search the archives on this one (I am beginning
my 2nd season of multisport and am in the process of some

Last season I had no need for a wetsuit (because of the time of
year/water temp.), but bought a skin suit instead.

What is the process for changing during the 1st transition; do I wear
the skinsuit underneath? Bike shorts underneath? Changing?

Since this is my second year I am Totally psyched to get out there
again, but am not going to attempt to break any time records yet
(maybe year 4 or 5...), so any tips you all may have concerning
transition 1 process would be greatly appreciated.

Yes. Wearing your skin suit underneath is what most folks do.

- chris

I have found taking the wetsuit off while still in the water is a TONNE
faster than trying to do it at the transition. The water helps it just slide
right off your body. As an added bonus on the really hot days, my shorts and
shirt get soaked and keep me a little cooler for a little while longer on
the bike. Just don't do it right where everyone is trying to get out of the
water. I have had to run over a few people doing that.