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Default Running in 90 Degrees

Some years ago I was part of a heat study at Penn State in which young
untrained women were matched for fitness (vo2max) with trained women at
least 30 years older than them. Our temperatures were monitored during
two hour stints on a treadmill exercising at 70% vo2max at high temps,
low humidity, not so high temps, high humidity. It was determined that
although the older women took somewhat longer to acclimate to the heat -
i.e., not have their body temperatures rise above a safe level - the
primary contributing factor to their adjustment to the heat was their
fitness as determined by vo2max. The least, but still quite fit,
required 8 sessions. I required 4. The lesson learned for the ordinary
non-athlete, especially an old one, is that rather than avoid the heat
because she feels she *can't stand the heat* is to get out in it and
avoid a/c. For me, knowing a race will be a hot one, it will be
necessary to get my heart rate up at least 4 times in a period of two
weeks. Six to eight times would be better and certainly enough.

Ruth Kazez

Sam wrote:
One needs to do this for 10 to 14 days to get fully acclimatized.

The runs also need to be around 90 minutes.

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news:[email protected]_s02...

One thing that helps me is to do some of your training in the same types


temperatures (run at lunch if possible). That helps me acclimate to the
temperature and humidity.


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Any tips on running in 90+ degree weather? There is a Half-Iron in
Macon Georgia June 13, and the temps are expected to be over 90. The
swim and bike are survivable, but the run is going to be a hard