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Mark P
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GoodSwimFan wrote:
I read articles about Michael Phelps that say he has the ideal
swimmer's body, in particular, a long body with short legs. I'm
curious why a long body with short legs is supposed to be good.

My guess would be the opposite: that to excel in fly, you need longer
legs and a shorter body -- less torso to lift (or to dive down) from
the kick. I wonder if proportions have anything to do with whether
one is naturally a better long axis stroke or short axis stroke

My strokes in best-to-worst order: Free, back, breast, fly
My measurements: Height: 65" Torso: crotch to throat (between ends of
clavicles): 25" Legs: inseam: 30"

Comments? Anyone else care to share their measurements and stroke

Long legs a) sink and b) are proportionally harder to beat up and down
in a kicking motion.