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On Mon, 08 Aug 2005 09:36:00 -0500, collins

I did a bunch of situps yesterday and now there is a spot near my
belly button that's sore.. I can point to it. Is it a muscle soreness
or something else inside?
Has anyone actually experienced appendicitis and can it be

Hernia? Definitely can be exercise induced or exacerbated. If it
continues or you start barfing or have your temperature go up, see a
doctor at once.

Appendicitis is pretty easy. Put your hand on your waist with the
thumb to the back of the body. Spread your fingers with the middle
finger pointing to the groin area. Push in your middle finger hard.
If you feel a lot of pain, it's probably appendicitis. If not, it
still may be, but not likely. Take your temperature. If it's
elevated, that's a sign of it, too.

BTW, if you can't tell the difference between muscle soreness and
something in real injury, like a torn ligament or internal injury or
whatever, you have never exercised much and should be starting out
very slowly.

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