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On Tue, 9 Aug 2005 08:40:04 -0400, "Steve Freides"

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I did a bunch of situps yesterday and now there is a spot near my
belly button that's sore.. I can point to it. Is it a muscle
or something else inside?
Has anyone actually experienced appendicitis and can it be

Highly unlikely. Appendicitis is an infection, which means it's
accompanied by a low-grade fever. As it progress, the ache in the
gradually localizes itself to the lower right. If you've already got
sore spot, and your discomfort isn't localizing itself further, it's
pretty unlikely it's your appendix.

I'm not a doctor - this is just what my doctor told me as I was trying
to figure out if I had appendicitis, which was shortly before they
removed my infected appendiex.

You could, however, have injured something - see how it feels in a day
or three and start up again easy. No situps in the meantime.

I think I did something... I had the same sensation below the right
rib cage a few months ago after some weightlifting, and it really hurt
at night. Finally I went to see a doc and was given a muscle relaxant,
but someone told me to try a heating pad instead. So I did - Within a
day or so, the pain was gone!

If a heating pad made the pain go away in a day, my guess is that you
just cramped a muscle. Ab cramps aren't a whole lot of fun - I speak
from personal experience. I've also actually pulled an ab muscle and
that took a few months to heal.


I am not going to do anything to the abdomen until it goes away. I am
just not familiar with abdominal pain and soreness.

Thanks again!