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Default Average step size

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Does anybody know what the average step size is for a person who's 5'2"?

Average step size is usually taken to be 30 inches or 75cm, however this is
not linked to the individual's height.

You are not likely to get a useful value, based only on the person's height.
Surprisingly, height is one of the least relevant factors affecting step

Step size (p - pace length) is determined by walking speed (v - velocity)
and pace frequency (c - cadence):
p = v / c
i.e. pace length equals walking speed divided by cadence.
Observe a column of soldiers marching - regardless of their height they will
be "in step". Thus they will be moving at the same speed, cadence and pace
length - regardless of their different individual heights.

Observe a couple, of significantly different heights, walking closely
together and they will probably be "walking in step" - again their pace
lengths will be matched despite their height differences.

Probably the most reliable relationship governing pace length is that is
roughly proportional to the square root of the walking speed. If you double
your walking speed, your pace length (and also your cadence) will go up by
about 40%.

In practice pace length of an individual can vary significantly with:
gradient (steepness of slope) and whether walking up hill or down;
total weight being carried;
personal fitness;

Regards - Jim