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Peter Webb
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Default How long before aerobics "kicks in"??

Well done.

Dunno about the reduction in body temperature - weirdo weird.

If you lack energy, make sure you are getting enough salt and pottasium in
your diet. Its not unusual for people on keto diets to run low on these
(particularly if they exercise *intensely*), and one of the symptoms is lack
of energy.

Keep at it, it really is worth trying.

Good luck

Peter Webb

"MartinB" wrote in message
Yes - OP still here!
And many thanks for all your advice, albeit a bit varied!
I cut my carbs to zero for all of last week - to try and kick start some
weight loss - but still nothing.
Appetite suppression is great though! I'll just have to cope with the keto
I'm now back up to approx 20g carbs a day (Atkins style) and will give it

few weeks to see what gives.
I *am* still tired however, and it feels harder work in the gym these last
few weeks.
My body fat doesn't seem to be reducing either.
I have a hand held cheap meter.
My wife's BF is decreasing nicely - but boo hoo - I've stuck at approx 34%
for the last 2 months.
.. not that I think you can trust these things - just thought it may show

some variations.

I think I may need to cut back the Aerobics a little and up the

And I've just given up dairy for a week - I think that may be stalling me!
I'm seeing my trainer for my 2 monthly review on Wednesday - let's see

she says!
(Although she does teach at a gym that says "you must eat carbs to burn

And - my body temp seems to have fallen to average 36.6F - could that be a
"lack of carbs" type thing??

Thanks again folks

"Peter Webb" wrote in message

More to the point, I'm not saying people on zero-carb diets can't
exercise intensely. I _am_ saying that they have to temporarily

muscle glycogen to do it, which will have to be replenished before it
runs out. That's why (no surprise either) people bonk.

Agreed. Also true if you are NOT on a low carb diet.

Actually the OP was already on a low carb diet, and was wondering when
he would start seeing improvements from exercise because he gained 8

since hitting the gym. After you suggested an even _lower_ carb diet,

was uncertain of your advice because of a differing opinion by another


The OP was eating about 100 grams of carbs a day.

It is my belief (based upon my own personal experience) that ketogenic

work by simply suppressing appetite. You are not as hungry if you don't

carbs. This effect only happens for me on less than about 30-50

carbs. (For me, ketosis kicks in after a few days of 20 grams/day of

so the hunger suppression does not appear to be directly related to

Unfortunately, if I eat more than 50 grams/day of carbs, there is no
discernable decrease in appetite, and I am simply a guy who goes to the

and eats lots of bacon and eggs. With 100 grams/day of carbs and no

suppression, a high protein high fat Atkins style diet could be very
fattening. As I said to the original poster, a diet of 100 grams/day of
carbs limits your food choices without neccessarily providing any weight
control benefit. I simply advised him to try 0 grams/day of carbs

100 to see what happened.

And if you are still reading, dear OP, also take a sugar free fibre
supplement (eg one of the Metamuscil products that is sweetened with
Aspartame) and vitamin pills. My first few weeks on Atkins disproved the

saying "If you don't eat, you don't ****, and if you don't ****, you

On no carbs, you don't ****, but you don't die either ...