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Default proform crosstrainer e help wanted!

The Proform Cross Trainer e, made in 1993 (copyright 1993 at least)... has a
large computerized (control panel with LEDs and such) cable driven
weight-training mechanism with a built-in, non-electronic, "shock absorber"
stepping device off to the side. It also uses a "Smart Card" memory card
for individual training sessions or somesuch.

I tried getting the model number off the label, but it is too worn and
weathered (rain and such) to read.

Based on what information I've given, can anyone tell me more about this
machine? Is there a user/maintenance manual for it? Repair/replacement
parts? HELP!!!

It looks rather weathered and delapidated (sp?), rusty in some places. What
is this thing worth? I can get it for $50 at our local thrift shop, but...
is it even *worth* $50 at all, if working/repaired? I have tested it and it
seems to work electronically, but the resistance mechanism seems lacking
something to provide resistance for useage.

I can't afford to spend money on a manual, when I don't even know how
"servicable" (repair/replacement parts) the machine is, as is. I'd like to
see pictures and available parts lists before I commit. If I know this
thing is worth buying and/or able to be repaired, I will buy it and get it
working again. *THEN* I'll buy the manual and such, as needed.

I hate to see, once useful, electronic/computer equipment (especially
weight-training!) in such a state. I'd like to give it a new home and a
second life, if possible.

Please help, if you can.