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Default the grin of winter insanity

"John Hurley" wrote in message

##Lets face it most of us long distance runners probably have a tenuous
grasp on reality even on our good days.

I was out today in near blizzard conditions about 4 or 5 inches
( drifting around a little ) new snow ... pretty soft stuff ( 27
degrees so big flakes ) on the trail.

It does make the legs heavy after a while running through all that
stuff but fun for a change.

Anyway I was out today about 3:30 pm ... saw no one running anywhere.
On the trail for 3 1/2 miles turned around and about 1 1/2 miles on
the way back saw another ( younger ) running coming my way on the

Two sets of foot tracks coming his way ( my original set and now
his ). As he approached he just pointed down at my tracks.

The clear question was "hey I have been running for a while now seeing
these tracks ... are these from you?".

I just nodded and he grinned and I grinned back. No words ... no
waves ... just the grin of winter insanity ...

No body else around anywhere in our nice metro park trails!##

================================================== ==============

I live in any area which normally gets lots of snow so we learn to adapt
and run in it. It doesn’t mean I wait until a foot hits but a few inches
can be fun. As long as I can get reasonable traction I find running in snow
fun. If I find myself working a lot harder with each step, I will lessen my

Before I retired I would often run at 5 am in the snow and the only prints
were four legged and the occasional paper boy. Gave me a sense of what
critters roam the neighborhood.

Many of my running friends will don snow shoes or XC skies.