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Default First duathlon this weekend!


23:00 min/36:00 min/22:55

I spent over two minutes in transition because I couldn't get my shoes
tied for the last run, my hands were fumbling all over. I know about
those elastic laces but remember I only did this on a few days notice.

I just can't believe that my last leg was a few secs faster than my
first because I felt like frankenstein on the last run because my legs
were so heavy. I was positive that I was just stomping to a 26-28
minute time. I wanted to walk bad but I didn't. The 3rd leg was
brutal. Its the first time I've *ever* tried to run after riding a
bike. Ya I know its probably a silly move but I was talked into
trying it last minute.

At least I held back on the first run a bit but I did go pretty hard
on the bike portion.

My 10km best time is 47 and change mins (last month) so I'm really
surprised at my 5km times. Can I add the two to get a new 10km PB?
Or does the bike leg actually let the running muscles recover and its
not a fair comparison adding the two 5km legs together? I wonder if I
ran 10km straight if I would do better than my two splits combined?

It was only my 3rd time on my bike this year since I decided to try
running instead of cycling for 2004. (a friend talked me into trying
out the duathlon)

It was fun getting back out on the bike though with the aerobars and

I'm not sure when I'll do another as my running coach doesn't want me
to do anything other than running for my first year running. So I
can't tell him I did this event or he'll get all uppity. He's made
comments that I can try duathlons next year after I get a year running
base in - but I couldn't resist!

Anyways, just had to tell someone about it.