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npne wrote:
I was in the gym doing bench presses like I usually do, all the way down to
the chest, and then up, when over comes this trainer and says I should stop
when my elbows are the level of the bench and go no lower, to avoid injuring
my shoulders. I find I can lift more this way, and also don't feel it in my
pecs that much. Is there anything to what the trainer says, or should I just

If you're doing the bench presses in good form, then ignore the trainer.
They instruct people how to get a little bit fitter or feel as if
they're trying to get some exercise without actually putting in a
meaningful workout. Hard workouts drive away customers. It's usually a
good idea to ignore trainers as a general rule if you know anything at
all about weight training, because it's more than they know.

I mostly agree with Ari, but in this case there is something to what the
trainer says.

During the lower part of the movement a lot of stress is placed on the
rotator cuff muscles. If you are really concerned about this I'd suggest
incline benches instead of flat benches.

OTOH - if you are comfortable I doubt you'll have a problem.