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Peter Clinch
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Dave P wrote:

They are receiving 2.1 million towards the purchase of the estate already.
The missing 900,000 between 450 families is only 2000 each.

2000 is not "only" to the great majority of these people. They're
not rich, and they will almost certainly continue not to be rich
even if they do get the land.

With the right to roam I can see no benefit in it for the visitor. The
benefits seem to be for the purchasers.

It goes rather beyond that: it might sound a bit touchy-feely, but
a primary benefit is returning some semblence of reason and
fairness to the distribution of rural land ownership in Scotland,
so it's owned by people that live on it rather than the people
being bought and sold along with their homes.

Not inclined to put in myself.

Fair enough, but I'd say your post gives an unfair impression that
the folk of Assynt are bunch of undeserving spongers.

By the way there's a lovely place near me I'd like to buy but I can't afford
it either. Any one got a few 1000 spare?

Do you live there? Has your family lived there for generations,
and been in thrall to whatever plans the owner has had for it?

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