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Peter Clinch
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Dave P wrote:

Lets not feel sorry for them too quickly! There's no reason why any of those
families couldn't have gone elsewhere to live and work.

You can give that as a get-out to anyone who's the wrong side of
comfortably off. Well done, you've just solved all the country's
economic problems, and it's not too late to get yourself elected in the
upcoming election! ;-/

If they chose to
live there with low employment opportunities fine, but why should we bail
them out?

It isn't a case of bailing out though. If it was bailing them out it
would be subsidising their continued presence in any shape or form,
which isn't what this does.

As I said, no-one is forced to live there.

As I said, you can give that as a get-out to anyone who's the wrong side
of comfortably off. So the only economic problems folk have in Scotland
are of their own making? Deary me...

I think its quite accurate description. Couldn't have put it better myself.

So you lack an imagination or much idea of what is being asked for.

History counts for nothing. If folk want a better life go and get it. The
attitude of we live, have always lived here and its unfair that there's no
work stands for nothing. The world doesn't owe them a living.

They're not asking for a living though. People in this situation are
after the right to say what is done with their own homes rather than
having diktats imposed on them by whim of (often absentee) landlords who
rarely have their interests at heart. They don't gain material wealth,
they gain a degree of freedom and independence

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