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Colin MacDonald
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Dave P wrote:
Lets not feel sorry for them too quickly! There's no reason why any of those
families couldn't have gone elsewhere to live and work. If they chose to
live there with low employment opportunities fine, but why should we bail
them out?

There's nothing about "bailing out" in the appeal - it's simply an
attempt to raise funds so that the people who live and work the land can
also own it. If they don't raise the cash then the land will be bought
by someone else. Chances are that 'someone else' will be a business
that would like to make some profit from the land, and, therefore, the
people that live on it.

You may choose not to be sympathetic with their aims, but the issue is
not so clear cut as to warrant your blanket encouragement to readers of
URW to dismiss the appeal as 'sponging'.

History counts for nothing. If folk want a better life go and get it. The
attitude of we live, have always lived here and its unfair that there's no
work stands for nothing. The world doesn't owe them a living.

Again, nothing about the appeal indicates that (a) they thing there's
anything unfair going on, (b) there's no work, or (c) they think the
world does owe them a living.

You haven't actually read the site, have you?