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Bart Mathias
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Default running shoes too old?

I was out walk-jogging (coddling a sore knee) a couple days ago in my
favorite running shoes (the original Nike Free 4.9) when I noticed that
something was flapping behind my left foot.

I was almost home and out of the rain, so I didn't stop to check it out
until I opened the first floor door, but whatever it was came off under
the door.

It turns out it was my sock liner. It had slipped out a hole in the heel
of my shoe. I've had the hole for years but that never happened before.
The hole is probably getting bigger, but the wetness I was jogging in
may have played a role. I'll see if the sock liner stays in on dryer days.

Otherwise I'll finally have to give up using those shoes, which I
started running in on May 6th 2005.