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Default Bulls in fields

debate on bulls kept together....

No, these are bulls kept on beef-rearing farms. Proper grown-up ones,
but rarely with rings in their noses.

By the way, a friend of mine from a farming background tells me tha bulls
stand side-on if they want to threaten you. The message being "look at

big I am and you don't want to mess with me" which of course you don't.

Fine. You just carry on with your present state of knowledge of bulls
and farming and I hope you don't get into trouble :-)

More importantly, don't offer advice based on your present state of

I'll have to bow to your superior knowledge. The point I was alluding to is
that many times I've been told a field has lots of bulls in it, when it's
been bullocks (so to speak)
Or cows even.

Is it a big farm to need lots of bulls then ?

Is the side-on thing rubbish then ?
(I did state this as hearsay albeit from a country boy)