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Default Front Crawl Technique Question - OK to "shrug" shoulder to reach further

Actually it depends. If you are using your lower back and upper back muscles to
push your arm forward, that is good, and you should be doing that. If, somehow
you are extending your shoulder by itself, that ain't good.

Try this.Cross your arm in front of you and reach with your hand behind your
back right under the arm pit, and hold feel back with your palm. Extend your
arm likke you do in swimming and try to feel your back muscles pushing your arm
foward and making your shoulder shrug. this is the correct motion and shouldn't
cause your shoulder to dislocate.


From: Steve Freides
Date: 7/9/2003 9:58 AM Mountain Daylight Time

I notice that, when I'm really reaching far in front of during front
crawl, I can get a little further reach if I "shrug" my shoulder but I'm
concerned this might be bad for my shoulder. I know from weight
training that keeping the shoulder down in the socket is important but,
given that this is in the water and all that, I don't know if it's
enough different to matter or if perhaps this varies by the individual
swimmer. Of course, I'm after the maximum reach with risk of injury.
All in all, whatever I'm doing in both lifting and swimming hasn't
caused me any serious problems but I do notice I sometimes feel like I
have a bit of stiff neck, for lack of a better description.

Other: 48 years old, male, recreational swimmer who can turn in a :14 25
yards with an in the water start, swims repeat 100's in about 1:40 on
2:00, etc.

Thanks in advance.